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College parents face similar risks and concerns and frequently look for solutions to mitigate these risks. College Parents of America has researched the needs of college parents and the risks facing their students. As a result, our members receive or have access to unique insurance benefits provided by Next Generation Insurance Group.

Make sure your family is prepared for the unexpected with the Student Protection Plan™ from GradGuard™. This exclusive suite of benefits helps enhance the personal security of your student thanks to its tailored features. With benefits like Family Emergency Travel, Roadside Assistance and ID Theft Resolution, you won’t want your student to leave for school without it!


Do you have a high deductible on your home-owners insurance policy? Does your home owner’s insurance provide coverage even if your student changes status and becomes a part-time student? As a result, College Parents of America suggest you evaluate renters insurance for your college student.  GradGuard™, offers a reliable "replacement-cost" alternative that includes both personal property and liability protection.

Think of how many times your student swipes his or her credit card or debit card each day at school - coffee before class, an extra notebook at the bookstore, lunch with a friend, a snack on-the-go... Is your child protected in case of identity theft? With ID Theft Protection and Resolution you can help protect your student with these four valuable services: Internet Fraud Monitoring, Identity Resolution Services, Card and Document Registration and Lost/Stolen Credit Card Assistance.

This valuable benefit is already part of every College Parents of America membership:

All College Parents of America members enjoy $5,000 of annual tuition refund protection for the non-refunded losses caused by an unexpected medical withdrawal, including not only the cost of tuition, but also academic fees, room-and-board and other legitimate costs associated with attending an accredited college or university. See Tuition Refund Insurance FAQs for more information.

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Tuition Refund Insurance for College Parents of America Members

The Tuition Refund Insurance program is provided to each College Parents of America member and refunds tuition and fees if a students is forced to withdraw from school due to an expected illness or injury.   

$2,500 per term / $5,000 annually

  • 100% of Medical "disability" withdrawal of "covered fees"
  • 100% of Medical "disability" withdrawal due to emotional, nervous or mental disorders*
  • 100% of a Death of "tuition payer" of "covered fees"
  • 0% for Voluntary Withdrawal

Please read the Tuition Insurance Frequently Asked Questions section for specific questions regarding tuition insurance benefits.

*2-day hospital stay required; hospital stay must occur prior to date of withdrawal

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