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Parents have questions - but who do you trust for reliable and useful information? That's where College Parents of America comes in and why we are dedicated to serving the diverse needs of current and future college parents.

To begin with, there are many great sources of information for current and future college parents to help their children prepare for and succeed in college. But, who has the extra hours and days necessary to search through voluminous pages on the web, to buy and read entire shelves of books, and to identify and interview recognized experts to find what's really useful?   

We do!   We have done the homework for you!

That is the purpose behind College Parent Central and the insights of its author, Vicki Nelson. Her experience as both the parent of college students, and as a professional in higher education, provide her with a special perspective on college parenting. We are pleased to recognize Vicki's good work and recommend you search either by topic in the navigation or within the directory of topics below. 

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Remember: you are not alone as a college parent. Feel free to share these articles and suggest topics, insights or other tips that you find helpful.

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