College Parents of America and csMentor Unveil Unique "Freshman Survival" App

June 04, 2013




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College Parents of America and csMentor Unveil Unique “Freshman Survival” App


FAIRFAX, VA csMentor, a new app to help college freshmen adjust to campus life, and College Parents of America, the nation’s only membership organization of current and future college parents, are teaming up to offer csMentor’s unique service to college-bound students and their families. Bob Soza, Chairman of College Parents of America, and csMentor CEO Steve Wattenmaker made the joint announcement today.

“College Parents of America is committed to providing our members with the tools they need to ensure their student’s success – from preparation for college to graduation and beyond. We are excited that our partnership with csMentor allows us to offer students a groundbreaking resource to help ensure a smooth transition from high school to a successful college career,” said Mr. Soza.

csMentor is designed for high-school graduates heading to college and first-year college students. The app works with students online and on their smartphone, iPad®, or other mobile device. 

Students receive weekly video messages from csMentor college-life advisors. Topics range from "How to Ask for Help," “Coping with Homesickness," “Consequences of Skipping Class,” and “Resisting Negative Peer Pressure,” to “Train This Summer for Your Big Academic Event!”

Each message also includes a “Check In” – a brief survey designed by college counselors and educational psychologists. csMentor analyzes the responses to give students personalized feedback in areas like social adjustment, academic motivation, and basic health.

“Parents strive to help their child be happy and successful in college,” said csMentor advisor Dr. Steve Gladis, author of Surviving the First Year of College Myth vs. Reality. “Yet nearly one out of every three freshmen drops out many of these are smart kids and good students. Some aspect of the transition to college work and campus life overwhelms them. Colleges offer summer orientation and other programs, but too many students still don’t get the help they need,” said Dr. Gladis. “csMentor gives first-year students the edge to survive and succeed.”


About csMentor, Inc.

csMentor is dedicated to helping first-year college students successfully adjust to campus life and study. Patent-pending technology delivers weekly mentoring advice to students on their mobile devices and laptops. Founded in 2012, csMentor is a team of educators, college counselors, mentors, and technology developers based in Northern Virginia. Learn more at or at


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College Parents of America is the nation's only membership organization of current and future college parents. Founded in 1997, its mission is to assist families in the successful preparation, transition, adjustment and completion through college. College Parents of America provides its members with the advantage of valuable benefits and information that protect and maximize their family’s college investment and the resources to support their student’s achievement. For more details, pleasevisit; follow us on Twitter ( or Facebook ( 

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